Efficient power transformer cores manufactured with the highest quality grain-oriented steel.

Trecento manufactures power transformer cores and tank shunts from 2.7 MVA – 315MVA, 275 kV. We use a range of power-efficient transformer core designs which are executed by trained technicians who build the transformer cores and tank shunts to exact customer specifications. All engineering is completed in compliance with Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental standards (SHEQ and OHSAS), as well as the OEM specific requirements.

We always use the highest quality grain-oriented steel during manufacturing.

Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance & Dismantling

Assembly of transformers and diagnostic testing to bring transformers into service.

Transformer installations, commissioning, maintenance and dismantling are carried out by trained technicians. All work is completed in compliance with Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental standards (SHEQ and OHSAS), as well as the OEM operating manual requirements and the principal’s site work-safety procedures.

All routine diagnostic tests are conducted according to customer specifications. Final commissioning tests ensure that transformers are operating at optimal standards and targeted power efficiency levels before being put into service. Thorough testing is conducted by qualified technicians to ascertain the quality of the installation. 

Trecento also conveniently handles all transport logistics over sea and land.

Standard Operational Tests

While testing is specialized to a project’s requirements, here are some of the standard tests we conduct:

  • Ratio tests on windings 
  • Checking of vector group 
  • Insulation tests on: 
    • Windings 
    • Core
    • Current Transformers
    • Control circuit cabling and auxiliary cabling 
  • Operational checks on protection equipment 
  • Polarity checks on current transformers
  • Magnetising current on transformer 
  • Impedance test on transformer 
  • Calibration on OTI and WTI
  • Oil temperature indicator circuits
  • Oil tests/sampling 
  • Operational tests of other equipment:
    • On-load tap changer
    • Marshalling Kiosk functions 
    • Cooling equipment 
    • Tap Changer control cubicle functions

Testing & Analysis

Oil sampling, DGA, dielectric strength and acidity tests conducted on site or in our laboratory.

For oil testing, samples are taken on site and tested immediately for dielectric strength. When further analysis is required, oil samples are brought back to our laboratory for Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) and comprehensive testing of dielectric strength and acidity.

We also perform oil reconditioning if the sample tests indicate that it is necessary. Oil circulation and treatment is then completed according to OEM specifications.

Rigging & Logistics

Upon the completion of factory tests and a final inspection, transformers are dismantled and prepared for transport. Trecento manages transport and logistics on behalf of customers. We use a range of flatbeds and rigs that have been functionally equipped to transfer transformers to site safely.

When the delivery of transformers uses sea transport, the main unit is shipped as break-bulk cargo and the remaining accessories are containerised. All loose parts are properly packaged and crated where necessary, and a comprehensive packing list is drawn up for inspection by our quality department. 

Local transfers of transformers and their components are undertaken using our crane trucks and trailers. They have all the equipment necessary to transport, rig, position and assemble the transformers. Main units are transported to site on lowbed trailers and rigged into position once on site. An experienced crew of riggers move the main transformer unit into position using a ‘jack and slide’ system.

Our transport facilities and their loading decks allow for multifunctional use and the safe transfer of transformers to all major centres.

Maintenance Programmes

Periodic testing and servicing of in-service electrical assets with emergency response and reporting.

Standard Preventative Maintenance schedules require that oil sampling and testing of transformers should be performed at least once annually. We conduct Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) to identify any potential problems that could arise and need to be monitored. The output of the analysis also gives our technicians an indication of the internal condition of the unit which we then report back to ensure that asset management action can be taken to keep electrical assets in peak operating condition.

Routine and preventative maintenance are performed according to OEM specifications and requirements to ensure that the power unit reaches its expected life-cycle.

Routine Maintenance

Schedule of tests and maintenance tasks we perform to keep in-service assets in optimal condition

Raw Materials and Components Supply

Supply of grain-oriented steel, Surge relay units, Buccholz relays, transformer oils and consumables related to electrical equipment.

Our expertise in transformers and the electrical industry is valuable in helping you to select quality consumable products for the maintenance of your power asset. We procure and supply materials related to the production of power transformers and related electrical equipment. These include:

  • High quality mild steel for fabrication of main tanks,
  • Conservators,
  • Pipework and related accessories,
  • Components such as Surge Relay Units,
  • Buchholz Relays,
  • All other protection devices.
  • Grain Oriented Silicon Steel.

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